About ivfOPEN

Increasing confidence and transparency in reproductive health

By 2100, an estimated 300 million people will owe their lives to in vitro fertilization (IVF). Because of recent advances in medical technology, almost all of these births will be associated with eggs and embryos once flash-frozen (vitrified). 

The existing management system is inadequate to meet the growing demand for fertility treatment. ivfOPEN advocates for improving the standard of identification of human tissue created during IVF, and integrating with clinics across the United States, and eventually, the world.

By creating a uniform serialization process for human specimens, a task previously prone to human error and duplication, consistently across the entire ecosystem, we hope to offer peace of mind to embryologists, fertility clinics, and, most importantly, patients. This entails creating technology and language to precisely and consistently describe, track, inventory, and quality control what became an enormous worldwide inventory of embryos, eggs, and sperm.

ivfOPEN has brought together the best in the industry to modernize the in vitro fertilization ecosystem by optimizing and standardizing specimen identification and tracking for the benefit of patients, clinicians, laboratories, and beyond.

Our independent, non-profit shared source of truth regarding fertility identity includes:

Interoperability: Support the interconnected global market, within the lab, between users, and among clinics & donor banks.

Support Innovation: Reliable identity data at scale will help drive both research and clinical innovation.

Patient Advocacy and Education: We want to help patients fully understand the importance of protecting their most precious cells to reduce the risk of misidentification.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure the absolute safety, privacy, security, and integrity of each fertility patient, sample, embryologist, clinician, process, and system and increase patient awareness and access to the most modern practices around in vitro fertilization and genetic testing.

Bringing this global standard requires a collaborative approach and we ask you to join us! We want to reset the future course of fertility digital identity. 

The ivfOPEN Team

Risa A Levine, JD

Risa A Levine, JD

Executive Director

Risa Levine is a trailblazer in citizen advocacy to expand infertility rights and access to care and has led efforts to mentor others in the importance of advocacy coalitions and how they can help anyone struggling to build a family. 

Through her efforts, Congress included reporting language in an appropriation bill, and legislation has been introduced in the House and Senate to expand access to care for those who have infertility. Ms Levine also spearheaded efforts to enact legislation in New York expanding coverage for IVF and legalizing compensated gestational surrogacy. Ms. Levine’s media appearances include The View, ABC World News, and Fox and Friends, to name just a few, and her efforts have been profiled in The Forward, Self Magazine, and the Brandeis Alumni Magazine.

She has served as an advocate and fundraiser for numerous causes, including political committees and candidates, human rights causes, foreign aid to Israel, in addition to expanding rights for infertility patients.

Ms. Levine is a graduate of Fordham University School of Law and Brandeis University, where she serves as Vice President of the Alumni Association.

David Sable, MD.

David Sable, MD.


David Sable MD directs healthcare and life science investing for the Special Situations Funds. Dr. Sable also teaches Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology at Columbia University. Previously a reproductive endocrinologist and co-founder and IVF director of IRMS (NJ.) Founder ARMT (acquired 1999), co-founder Reprogenetics (acquired 2015.)